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Around here, the glass is always half-full.
A wine glass, that is.
And the other half is only gone because we’re never not tasting.

With over 15+ years in communications and copywriting, I always look to simplify things, and to convey them in a way that's relatable to my audience. During my sommelier studies, I realized that many of us would prefer more clarity and less snobbery when it comes to wine - which is why I became so fascinated with combining wine appreciation with creative communication and story telling, skills that I’ve been honing in my journalism, television, and fintech days.

By consuming wine passively, we are missing out on so many new flavours and stories. If you enjoy having a good time and being in a safe environment with no concept of “stupid questions”, I’m sure we’ll meet soon!

Hello and Welcome!

Wine Tastings

Vyno degustacijos su Ieva Elvyra - GliuGliu
Vyno degustacijos su Ieva Elvyra - GliuGliu
Private Wine Tastings

From family and friends' gatherings to birthdays and housewarming parties, great wine and good stories pair perfectly with various types of shindigs. All we need to do is decide on the theme and the wines we'd like to explore, and I'll handle the rest. Depending on the group size, private tastings can be arranged at your location, a cozy Dekolab studio in central Vilnius, or a nearby winery Vyno vieta. Additional location options are available upon request.

Wine tasting at corporate teambuilding events
Wine tasting at corporate teambuilding events
Corporate Wine Tastings & Team Buildings

When it comes to our colleagues, teammates, or work partners, we're usually accustomed to seeing each other in an environment that fosters growth and learning. At a wine tasting event, however, learning takes on a social and entertaining dimension. It not only helps you discover new flavors in your glass but also allows you to see your team in a new light. Let’s discuss how we can tailor the tasting format to best meet your team's needs. Whether it's an evening for a newly formed group to get to know each other better or a wine-themed pub quiz to challenge your competitive side, I'll be happy to align the tastings with your company’s culture and values.

Vyno degustacijos su Ieva Elvyra - Gliu Gliu
Vyno degustacijos su Ieva Elvyra - Gliu Gliu
Bespoke Wine Tastings

If you’re looking for something extra, let’s get our creative juices flowing - the tales of wine can be tied in with a anything that’s near and dear to you: a person you’re looking to celebrate, your favourite movie or a book; maybe a story of how a couple met each other, or any seasonal holidays (blood-red Halloween wines, anyone?). If you’re into practical experiments, how about we test different types of glass with different types of sparkling wines, or take your favourite meal and look for the best wine pairings together?

Money Talks

  • Tastings start at 250 EUR. Creating a bespoke tasting format for the event will incure additional costs, depending on the scope of the project.

  • Wine prices are added on top and agreed upon with the client beforehand.

  • In case we're looking to book a private tasting space (i.e., the tasting isn't held at the client's location or a wine bar), the rent will also be added to the bill.

  • Please note that larger tastings (20+ people) will most likely require one more staff member at additional cost, agreed upon with the client beforehand.

About Me

Becoming the World's Debating Champion (Karl Popper style, 2005, Macedonia) marked a pivotal moment in my life. It was then clear that I would devote my days to the pursuit of words and message-crafting. The formats changed over time and continue to do so: I went from hosting a weekend radio talk show for kids in my teen years to creating internationally renowned albums and magazines; from scripting prime-time television shows to evangelizing fintech at various global finance, banking, and tech events.

What I’ve learned is that anything can be a good story. And there are so many good ones in the wine world, waiting to be told!

On one hand, wine can be seen as just another daily object - at the end of the day, it’s just something we consume. But by the same token, all the different elements that come together here make it absolutely magical: from nature to geography, from history to market trends, and the overall global context.

It's science, but it’s also a great social lubricant: wine can be both the star of the show and a meaningful addition to a good time.

So let’s raise a glass (or five) to good times. Cheers! 🥂

Wine tastings with Ieva Elvyra - Gliu Gliu
Wine tastings with Ieva Elvyra - Gliu Gliu

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